Friday, May 16, 2014

Chapters 4, 5, and 6 Extension

1. Mark Bunker Hill on your map.  How many of the rebel soldiers in the battle were African American?

2. Design a new cover for the book.

3. What games were Tim playing with Jerry Sanford in chapter 3?   Read about one of the games here:

4. The only form of communication in Colonial times were newspapers and pamphlets so people got the news long after it happened.  How is that different from today?  How do you think our modern day instant communication would have changed the war?

5. The prices of goods keep increasing and it is harder to find items the Meekers need for the tavern and the store.  What is that increase of prices called? (look online!)  Why are costs increasing and goods harder to find?

6 What do you think about Mr. Heron?  Do you think he is a Tory or a Patriot?  Why?

7. Wood was critical for cooking and heating the tavern.  Find the section about wood in this article and list the other uses of wood.  How much wood did the average family use to heat their homes and cook their meals?