Friday, February 20, 2015

Pre-Reading Questions

Each person should watch the video and respond thoughtfully to at least one question.  If you found the answer on the internet, cite the source where you found it!

1. Where and why was the American Revolution fought? What issues were important to both sides?

2. What was the sentiment of the country concerning this conflict? Was there more than one central train of thought? What factors influenced these opinions?

3. What were the troops called on both sides?     How did these troops dress respectively?  Add in pictures of the uniforms.

4. What was the result of the conflict? How did this influence the future of this nation?

5. At what age did youngsters go to college in this country during this era? Was there equal opportunity for girls and boys educationally and otherwise?

6. Were racial and societal prejudices prevalent during this time in history? Research and explain.

7. What role did religion play during this time period?  What religion was most common in the colonies?  Summarize that religion.

8.  Who wrote this book?  Tell more about them.  Why did they write about this topic?  Did it win any awards?

9. Make a list of these people and who they were:
Minutemen   Whigs   Loyalists   Lobsterbacks   Tories   Patriots   Redcoats   Continentals   Rebels
Were they pro-American or pro-British?