Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chapter 1 - 2 Questions

These are all very LITERAL questions, which means they are right from the book.  They are also called RIGHT THERE questions because the answer comes right from the book on a single page and there really is only one right answer.

  1. Who barges into the Meeker tavern in April 1775, and with what news?
  1. How does Sam feel about fighting the Lobsterbacks?
  1. How does Sam answer when the minister, Mr. Beach, asks him if he thinks he knows better than the King and Parliament?

 4.  How has Sam's father handled him in the past for speaking out?

  1. What complaint does Sam have when Tim asks him to help with the chores?

  1. Where does Sam tell Timmy he is going and why did he come home?
  1. After father orders Sam out of the house, what does father do?
  1. What is father's opinion of Sam's cause?
  1. After church, where does Tim find Sam hiding?

 10. Why does Tim become alarmed?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chapter 1 - 3 Extensions

Respond to one of these pieces of information/questions AND respond to someone else's response.  For example, if someone already commented on number 1 and you also want to, respond to their comment.  Try not to repeat what someone else has already stated!

1. Go to this website to learn about taverns in this time period:

2. Read about the Brown Bess:

3. How the Brown Bess works:

4. What is this poem about?  Do you like it?  Concord Hymn

5. Sam's family seems to be very concerned with avoiding sin and treason, and sometimes Sam gets in trouble for being less than "perfect" in his family's eyes. What are some of the things that Sam does that his father might not approve of? Give one specific example. Do you think Sam is right in doing and thinking what he does, or should he be more loyal to his family's values? Why or why not?

6. Here are some of the important battle locations:

7. Find some period words that you think are unique to this time period.  Find out what they mean.  Are they still used today?